Brent Brewer graduated from Indiana University, Magna Cum Laude, with his degree in Finance. After working with insurance and investments for 15 years, Brent became keenly interested in the Bank on Yourself and Infinite Banking concepts after the market meltdown in 2008. He recognized how the concepts could provide the patient and dedicated saver and investor a superior outcome over riding the Wall Street roller coaster.

After meeting Teresa Kuhn, Brent became inspired to teach the concept to others, and completed the challenging training program required to become a Bank on Yourself Authorized Advisor. He enjoys empowering his clients solve their financial puzzles so that they can take command of their financial futures, using the cornerstone of a carefully planned Bank on Yourself structured policy.

When Brent is not meeting with clients, keeping up with current events, or watching the markets, he enjoys mountain biking, traveling and learning about new and interesting subjects.  His passion for reading has him constantly researching a variety of different topics. Originally from Indiana, Brent has called Austin, TX his home since 2002.

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