1400-2481 (2)Kristin Colca

Kristin Colca is a Bank on Yourself® Authorized Advisor and College Funding Strategist with Living Wealthy Financial Group. Kristin is dedicated to helping her clients plan for all of life’s events: college, weddings, home financing, vacations, retirement and more; without causing financial harm or taking unnecessary risks.

Kristin graduated from St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX with a degree in Finance, and began her career in the banking industry. That experience gave her an insider’s view of how the banking system works. She considers herself lucky to have met Teresa Kuhn in 2011, when she joined the Living Wealthy team. Since then, Kristin has counseled hundreds of ordinary Americans on how to implement the time-tested and proven strategies using the Bank on Yourself concept as the foundation in their financial plan. She is able to use her expertise and deep understanding of the concept to mentor and train new Bank on Yourself® Authorized Advisors. She has also had the opportunity to join Living Wealthy Radio on 1370 AM in Austin, TX to discuss the benefits of Bank on Yourself®.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her daughter, Noelle, enjoying the outdoors, and is an avid reader. She loves using her own Bank on Yourself® structured policy as part of her family’s rock solid financial foundation.

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