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Major Steve Sheridan and Bank on Yourself

Living Wealthy Financial Group client, Major Steve Sheridan, shares his experience working with Bank on Yourself Authorized Advisor, Teresa Kuhn.

Larry Smith and Bank on Yourself

Living Wealthy Financial Group client, Larry Smith, shares his experience working with Bank on Yourself Authorized Advisor, Teresa Kuhn.

Kate Caudillo and Bank on Yourself

Living Wealthy Financial Group client, Kate Caudillo, shares her experience working with Bank on Yourself Authorized Advisor, Teresa Kuhn.

Father Ron Escalante and Bank on Yourself
Living Wealthy Financial Group client, Father Ron Escalante, shares his experience working with Bank on Yourself Authorized Advisor, Teresa Kuhn.

Teresa Kuhn embodies the concept of "mastery" Teresa set her mind to mastering every aspect of Bank on Yourself (r) and has succeeded at doing that. She is a consummate professional and her clients can be absolutely confident that no detail of their financial plan will fall through the cracks. Teresa has my highest recommendation.
I absolutely love Teresa Kuhn and her associate Lea Ann Durand. Teresa is extremely energetic, intelligent and creative. She was able to help me structure a plan to take a large sum of money that I received from a recent refinance of a property and create a couple of insurance policies with all the features and benefits that I needed to be able to borrow funds and pay myself back while saving and growing a whole life policy into the future....at the same time, those funds were able to be sheltered in a way that I chose them to be perfectly legally and without prying from outside entities. Plus, Teresa is always fun to talk to. She has a great sense of humor, keen wit, and has lived out east where I am from and understands the culture out here. If you are looking to set yourself up for the future and establish your finances for you and your family for years to come, call Teresa. The financial planners and brokers will all say, "ME, TOO" when it comes to these types of plans, but they don't understand the details and refuse to hear what the truth is about Bank on Yourself®. I am so glad I got involved with this after making so many mistakes in the past! Thanks, Teresa!
Steve Kohn, Home Health Care Services Company VP
I had very limited control of my money in my 401(k). I couldn’t put in as much as I wanted, and I needed permission to borrow my own money, if necessary. Bank On Yourself® gives me control over my money. We’re also using it to pay for our two sons’ private school education in one installment to take advantage of a discount.
David Shelton, Healthcare VP
I would definitely recommend Bank On Yourself®. I thought a long time about this and regretted the wait after investing when I did. I would have had so much more, but I kept it in the bank in mutual funds and lost big time. What was left went to Bank On Yourself® and it has been great. Teresa has been a blessing to me.
Carol M Blessing
While passing through this lifetime one may have the good fortune to meet and know an extraordinary person. That happened to me a number of years ago when I met Teresa Kuhn! She is a delightful person, full of essential knowledge, wisdom, sound values and professional expertise. What a joy it has been for me to work with such a lovely lady for these many years. She gives me hope for the future! I highly recommend her services and advice to all. She can change your financial life dramatically!
Nelson Nash, Infinite Banking
Teresa is fabulous to work with. I never have any trouble getting ahold of her when I need her. I would very likely recommend this program to anyone who asked me about it.
Philip Boswell, FL
Working with Teresa has been nothing but a positive experience for me. I have been able to grow in the way I want to approach my finances. I would recommend working with Teresa Kuhn and the Bank on Yourself concept to anyone.
Errick Robles, KS
This program has worked out well for me so far. I will be able to access the funds when I need them to purchase a vehicle this year. The times I have had to contact Teresa I have found her to be very responsive.
Kenneth Bloch, TX
My experience with Teresa Kuhn of Safe Harbor has been very positive. Teresa has shown both my husband and I a new way to look at our finances and prepare for our future. We feel that Bank On Yourself is the best way to save for our daughter’s college and our retirement but also fund projects like renovating our garage – all without going through a financial institution but by borrowing from our Bank On Yourself account. I have told many friends about this amazing way to finance and I wish I could get them excited too! Teresa has always been available to us to explain aspects of the Bank On Yourself account and also is a great sounding board for some of my husband’s ideas. I would recommend Teresa highly to anyone who is interested.
Mary Alice Appleman
My advice is to go ahead and do this. I’ve been doing this since 2002. We’ve used it for remodeling our home, adding solar heating and to pay for going back to school to finish my degree. I spent 28 years putting a significant amount of money in my 401(k) and lost a lot in the crashes. Bank On Yourself® gives me peace of mind.
Joni Schultz, Hospital Department Head
Teresa and her crew have been completely flexible and adaptable when working with us. I have been very satisfied, so much so that I started a second account and am thinking about possibly doing a 3rd or even 4th account. I really believe in the concept…when you do the math this is truly the only way to go.
John Taxeras, AZ
Teresa Kuhn is the premier expert on Bank on Yourself Strategies and is wonderful to work with. She delivers a true personalized solution.
Pete Frank, Fortune 100 Company – Round Rock
Teresa, I thank you for taking the time to explain the Bank On Yourself concept. It could not have come at a better time. I much rather have my “Own Bank” in today market. It has been a blessing that we have crossed paths.
Michael Hawkins, Retired Professional Athlete – Houston Texas
I was very impressed with Teresa’s knowledge of this concept and the handling of my account. I strongly recommend her without reservation.
Robert Peterson, Austin, TX
After many years of searching for a financial plan that really works and nearly giving up completely, I finally found it in Bank On Yourself. Not only did I find the safest and most risk – free, sane and legal financial program for life, I also found the best person to educate me on it – Teresa Kuhn. After I expressed skepticism about it, Teresa patiently explained the simplicity, the intricacies and the many benefits of Bank On Yourself . From the beginning she has been there for me to answer all my questions and clarify the concepts for my understanding and satisfaction. Teresa is always more than willing to make the time to accommodate me when I need information; she is always prompt and prepared for our appointments and has gone out of her way numerous times when I have asked her for her ‘time’. My wife and I are truly happy that the “search” is over – we have set up our Bank On Yourself account through Teresa and are using it! I urge anyone that is looking for safety and reliability in a financial plan to talk to Teresa Kuhn about Bank On Yourself . She is eminently qualified, very experienced in the field, most helpful and willing to work hard for you
Ric Provenzano, Austin, TX
It was a pleasure to work with you determining the best option for my Bank on Yourself account. I found your concern to be for me and my family over making a sale to put money in your pocket. I believe I have made a friend while conducting a business transaction. I look forward to working with you for many years!
Leonard E. Gray, Georgetown,TX
I love the Bank of Yourself concept! After reading all of the information on the Bank on Yourself concept it is perfectly clear there is no comparison to conventional loans. It is the ONLY WAY to make the best use of your hard earned money for major purchases and retirement.
Jill McClure, South Padre Island,TX
The concept of banking on yourself at first may seem like another get-rich-quick scheme. After further investigation and with Teresa’s help, the realization of building true wealth is to be your own banker. You do pay yourself back, not a bank. I started small with little loans and soon found out we need to be financing our everyday needs. Don’t throw your money away, recycle it, and build wealth over time. The more you borrow and repay back and seem to build in cash loan value. Teresa has been very helpful to me during my initial start-up process. She can and will advise you on what needs to be done. After that, you will see with the power that you now have with this financing tool.
Greg Kunze
Teresa, you are so passionate about BOY. I feel so glad to have hooked up with like minds. I was like you, knowing the path I was on was never going to lead where I wanted.
Joy Goulet
This has been very motivating for me. I’m excited about getting out of debt and building a future for my family now and future generations. Teresa, you guys are awesome! Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s helping all of us out here. Stay focused!
Wrendy Siegle
You and your staff are wonderful! Your sincerity shines through both on the phone and in person.
Anita Heard
Teresa and Leann and her staff are FANTASTIC!
Chuck Seigel
Working with Teresa has been great. Even though I am only in the early stages of the Bank on Yourself concept, I still try to tell everyone I know about it because I think it is so valuable
Bryan Goldstein, TX
I have been pleased with Teresa and the program so far. In fact, Bank on Yourself helped me buy a new vehicle this year due to having had equity in my policies available to use. I think the BOY program has tremendous merit for anyone who wants to keep more of their interest under their own control. It is a great financial strategy.
Glyn Milburn, TX
Teresa is one of the Best if not THE Best Educated, Knowledgeable and Ethical insurance advisors that I have ever had the pleasure of working with!!! If I were not in this business myself, I would want Teresa to be my advisor!!!
Stephen M Ehlers, LUTCF, President of the Texas TaxBack Insurance Agency
I met Teresa when she was the highly successful president of the Jackson Township Rotary Club. Her outstanding ethics, high integrity, thoroughness, and sharp intellect quickly made her a respected and sought-after leader for political campaigns, civic committees, and business ventures. She is unwavering in her dedication to the client and constantly watches the horizon to keep an eye on what’s coming. She is a person of deep insight and long vision who is wise beyond her years.
Paula Blangger, North Canton, Ohio