Dec 4 Show: Rick Sapio, Serial Entrepreneur & Visionary

Nov 27 Show: Financial Planner, Adam Taggart

Nov 20 Show: David Rodriguez on Self-Directed Education

Nov 13 Show: Cryptocurrency Pioneer, Stan Larimer

Nov 6 Show: Vaccine Whistleblower, Ty Bollinger

Oct 30 Show: Cup O’ Protein Coffee Inventor, Toby Sanchez

Oct 23 Show: Dr. Ron Paul on What Comes Next

Oct 16 Show: T-Tapp Workout Founder, Teresa Tapp

Oct 9 Show: Queen of Couponing, Cindy Livesey

Oct 2 Show: Roger Stone, Trump Insider & Political Operative

Sept 25 Show: Nelson Nash, Infinite Banking Visionary (Part2)

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