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Teresa Kuhn has a “12-Minute Convo With Engel Jones!”

12-minute convo with engel jones, Engel Jones, Teresa KuhnOur host, Teresa Kuhn, recently had the opportunity to appear on the popular podcast, "12-Minute Convo With Engel Jones," to discuss intuition, the power of conversations, how to find inspiration in everything, and a behind-the-scenes peek into who Teresa is.

Jan 30 Show: Career & Hiring Trends Expert, Dr. Tracey Wilen

Dr. Tracey Wilen, career selfie, Living Wealthy RadioDeveloping technologies and shifting demographic trends are shaking things up. Which occupations will be in the most demand this year and next? Which skills are most important to succeed in the future? What will the job market look like in the next few years?

Jan 23 Show: College Planning Expert, Jon Dault

Jon DaultLife is all about seasons. Perhaps your current season of life is being a parent with children – and wondering how you will be able to send them to college. When the time arrives, what will you do?

Jan 16 Show: Dr. Matthew Buckley, Naturopath

DrMatthewBuckley headshotDo you know someone with autism? Chances are, you do. It’s common knowledge now that autism rates have skyrocketed in the past generation. But there is considerable debate as to what causes autism. Could it be the vaccines? What if diet could also be a contributing factor? What if many of the neurodegenerative conditions inflicting our society are diet related? What if even health-conscious...

Jan 9 Show: Jason Havey, Mental Wellness Expert

Jason Havey, mental health, mindAre you health conscious? Taking care of your body is important, but there’s more to health than just that. What about your mind? Do you ever wish you had more clarity of purpose, mental tenacity, or emotional peace?

Jan 2 Show: Jeff Seibert, Dentist & Serial Entrepreneur

Jeff Seibert, dentist entrepreneur Seibert, LWR SeibertDo you have a dream of opening a business but don’t know if you have what it takes? Do you ever consider going back to school to get your dream job? Or maybe you’ve tried starting a business only to get burned. What’s the answer? How can you achieve the success you want...

Dec 26 Show: Investigative Journalist, Jon Rappoport

jon rappoport, conspiracy theories, trilateral comission living wealthyWho runs the world, and what can we do about it? Have you ever wondered if the conspiracy theorists were right? What if there really are powerful people behind the curtains pulling the strings of our leaders and manipulating current events to suit their purpose? What can we do to reassert our influence and choice in our world?

Dec 19 Show: Jim Sheils, Family & Finances Speaker

jim sheils, family balance, financial freedomDo you sometimes feel like you’re just running on the hamster wheel, trying to climb the corporate ladder, without achieving fulfillment and harmony in your life? So many professionals are so focused on their financial endeavors that they miss out on a truly balanced and meaningful life rich in friends and family...

Dec 12 Show: Health & Performance Expert, Dr. Matthew Accurso

dr. matthew accurso, health tips, productivity hacksDo you have plenty of energy to get through your day and accomplish your goals every week? Do you look and feel as vibrant and healthy as you did ten years ago? Most people would probably say no. Productivity, energy levels, and vibrancy seem to decline the older we get – but does it have to be that way? Can we look and feel energized and vibrant throughout our lifespans?

Dec 7 Show: Organic Skincare Advocate, Wendi Sudhakar

wendi sudhakar, toxic skincare products, petroleum based cosmeticsHave you ever stopped to think about what you put on your skin? What sort of chemicals are being absorbed by your skin from your cosmetics, skincare products, and soaps? The average American carries about 200 toxins in their body. How does this affect our health and wellbeing?

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