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Jan 1 Show: Career Advancement Author, Bonnie Marcus

bonnie marcus, self promotion, career advancementDo you avoid office politics and putting yourself out there for the next promotion? Are you hesitant to promote your skills and value? Many people struggle to get ahead in their career simply because they don’t feel right about pushing themselves onto others, or they see self-promotion as negative. How can we take control of our careers and position ourselves for success?

Dec 25 Show: Wendi Sudhakar, Healthy Skincare Advocate

wendi sudhakar, organic skincare, kudaratAre you concerned with the cosmetic and skincare products you use? The global skincare industry is worth well over 100 billion dollars, but most of that industry relies on toxic chemicals and harmful compounds that actually leave your skin unhealthy and less vibrant. Fortunately, more natural products are starting to hit the market.

Dec 18 Show: Banking Alternatives Author, Lisa Servon

At one point in our nation’s history, banks were a helpful part of our daily lives. However, in recent decades, Americans’ views of the banking industry have begun to change, and it’s becoming more apparent that banks put big profits first – before their customers. Many Americans are waking up and asking, What can we do about this? How can we take back control of our own money?

Dec 11 Show: Surgeon Who Cured Cancer Naturally, Dr. Lorraine Day

Dr. Day, cure cancer naturally, Lorraine DayHave you or someone you know ever struggled with cancer? What would you do? Many choose to do absolutely nothing, believing the so-called “treatments” are worse than the disease. Others go through surgery, radiation, or chemo, and sometimes they beat it – for a while. But often the cancer comes back. And even if it doesn’t, the so-called “treatments” cause lasting harm to their body in the process. But what if there were a better way to handle disease? What if you could improve your health and longevity naturally?

Dec 4 Show: Rick Sapio, Serial Entrepreneur & Visionary

Rick Sapio, entrepreneur, live wealthyRick has a radically unique perspective on business that most entrepreneurs simply don’t discover – a perspective he attributes to the unique three values that dictate his life: simplicity, probability, and leverage. He’s here to share with us how the latent power in these values can transform our lives and empower us to live wealthy, happy, and fulfilled.

Nov 27 Show: Financial Planner, Adam Taggart

Adam Taggart, banks are evil, financial healthDo you struggle to get ahead, but it seems like you never can? Do you sometimes wonder why the cost of living is so high and prices just keep climbing? Is “middle class” now starting to feel the same as lower class? Whatever your income, are you having to work harder and harder to just stay in the same place? What’s going on? Who is to blame, and what can we do about it?

Nov 20 Show: David Rodriguez on Self-Directed Education

david rodriguez, self directed education, unschoolingDo you have a child struggling in the public school system? Do you sometimes think about homeschooling or placing them in a private school? Is the problem with our children – or is there something fundamentally flawed in the way we view education in this country?

Nov 13 Show: Cryptocurrency Pioneer, Stan Larimer

stan larimer, cryptocurrency, cryptonomexAre you interested in BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies? Have you ever kicked yourself for not jumping in sooner and making a fortune on the rise in value over the past few years? What about the recent fork? Is cryptocurrency here to stay? There are so many questions about this exciting alternative, and so many possibilities! But where do you start?

Nov 6 Show: Vaccine Whistleblower, Ty Bollinger

ty bollinger, vaccines, truth about vaccinesWhere do you stand on the vaccine issue? It’s a polarizing issue, but one that needs to be discussed. Are vaccines safe? Do they cause autism? Is there a legitimate risk posed by children who are not vaccinated?

Oct 30 Show: Cup O’ Protein Coffee Inventor, Toby Sanchez

cup o protein, protein coffee, toby sanchez,Are you interested in fitness and healthy breakfast alternatives? Do you hit the ground running each day and have to rely on cold protein shakes or try to make your morning work with just a cup of coffee? What if you could ditch the protein shakes and breakfast bars and replace them with something healthy and filling on the go?

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