Podcast Episodes

Nov 20 Show: David Rodriguez on Self-Directed Education

david rodriguez, self directed education, unschoolingDo you have a child struggling in the public school system? Do you sometimes think about homeschooling or placing them in a private school? Is the problem with our children – or is there something fundamentally flawed in the way we view education in this country?

Nov 13 Show: Cryptocurrency Pioneer, Stan Larimer

stan larimer, cryptocurrency, cryptonomexAre you interested in BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies? Have you ever kicked yourself for not jumping in sooner and making a fortune on the rise in value over the past few years? What about the recent fork? Is cryptocurrency here to stay? There are so many questions about this exciting alternative, and so many possibilities! But where do you start?

Nov 6 Show: Vaccine Whistleblower, Ty Bollinger

ty bollinger, vaccines, truth about vaccinesWhere do you stand on the vaccine issue? It’s a polarizing issue, but one that needs to be discussed. Are vaccines safe? Do they cause autism? Is there a legitimate risk posed by children who are not vaccinated?

Oct 30 Show: Cup O’ Protein Coffee Inventor, Toby Sanchez

cup o protein, protein coffee, toby sanchez,Are you interested in fitness and healthy breakfast alternatives? Do you hit the ground running each day and have to rely on cold protein shakes or try to make your morning work with just a cup of coffee? What if you could ditch the protein shakes and breakfast bars and replace them with something healthy and filling on the go?

Oct 23 Show: Dr. Ron Paul on What Comes Next

Ron Paul, Ron Paul Fed, Ron Paul revolutionDo you believe this country is changing for the better? Or are we facing darker days? Are political winds shifting and bringing about much-needed reform? Or can we expect more of the same going forward? Many experts predict a looming collapse coming soon – and there are wars and rumors of wars on the horizon. What is going on in our crazy world? And what can we do to remedy it?

Oct 16 Show: T-Tapp Workout Founder, Teresa Tapp

Teresa Tapp, T-Tapp, fitnessHave you been trying to lose a few pounds but can’t seem to get the momentum going? Are you frustrated by a slowing metabolism, your body type, or conflicting diet tips? Staying fit and healthy is an important aspect of a balanced and fulfilled life. But not everyone has the time or discipline for long, strenuous workouts. What can you do to get back in shape or tone up?

Oct 9 Show: Queen of Couponing, Cindy Livesey

Cindy Livesey, coupon queen, couponing tricksAre you always looking for ways to stretch your budget or get the most bang for your buck? If you could use some practical strategies to find great deals, if you are looking for tips and tricks to help you save money and live more on less – today’s show is for you!

Oct 2 Show: Roger Stone, Trump Insider & Political Operative

Roger Stone, Trump confidant, Trump insiderWere you shocked when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States? Are you wondering what comes next and will this truly change the game? What’s really going on behind the scenes? Is America experiencing a revolution?

Sept 25 Show: Nelson Nash, Infinite Banking Visionary (Part2)

Nelson Nash, Infinite Banking, banking alternativesAre you frustrated with financial system in this country and looking for alternatives? Do you sometimes wonder how the central banking establishment came about in this country, and what you can do to regain a measure of control and freedom in your finances?

Sept 18 Show: Nelson Nash, Infinite Banking Visionary (Part1)

Nelson Nash, Infinite Banking, banking alternativesHave you ever gotten a loan for something and cringed over how much money you were pouring down the drain as interest payments? Have you ever tried to get financing for a home or other major expense only to find an endless cycle of hurdles and obstacles? More and more people are realizing the centralized financial system in this country doesn't work for them. But what can we do about it? Is it possible to opt out of the banking system entirely?

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