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April 3 Show: Jason Havey, Mental Wellness Expert

Jason Havey, mental health, mindAre you health conscious? Taking care of your body is important, but there’s more to health than just that. What about your mind? Do you ever wish you had more clarity of purpose, mental tenacity, or emotional peace?

March 20 Show: Economic Forecaster, Chris Martenson

Chris Martenson, coming collapse, economic forecastThe times, they are a changing, right? Do you ever wonder where we will be in 15 or 20 years? Things are still tight in this country, but many believe we’re headed for better days. The stock market is high and the dollar is strong. But when will the next downturn occur? Can we learn from the past and take steps to prevent the next collapse?

Aug 29 Show: Texas Citizen Activists, Sheila & Coleman Hemphill

Sheila Hemphill, Texas Right to Know, electronic votingHave you ever wondered about all the laws that come out every year? Do you really have a say in all of this legislation? Are you concerned that electronic voting machines might be undermining our representative democracy even further? What about SMART meters, industrial hemp, GMOs, and other legislative issues – do you feel your views on these issues are adequately being represented in your state government? How can you be better informed and involved?


ColemanHemphill headshotOur guests today, Sheila and Coleman Hemphill, are citizen activists working on issues we all care about. Having walked the halls of the Texas capitol, they have an intimate knowledge of how the laws made in that building affect our daily lives. Not only Texas, but every state has a capitol building, in which are politicians we the people should engage and hold responsible for the laws they establish. Seeing the need to educate people on the process of lobbying and advocating for important issues, this mother and son team have developed the Texas Right to Know website as a mechanism for public involvement in their local government.

June 22 Show: Dr. Walter Williams, Professor & Author

Dr. Walter E. Williams, Living Wealthy Radio, American Contempt for LibertyWe in America love freedom, liberty, and self-government…right? So why does it seem that this country is always edging closer and closer to tyranny and away from liberty? If we cherish liberty so much and really do believe in limited government, why is the size of government larger than it’s ever been in our 200+ years? Are we really doing our best to uphold these principles?

Our guest, Dr. Walter E. Williams, is a celebrated economist and syndicated columnist. He is the author of the brand-new book, American Contempt for Liberty. He’s here to share with us the important concepts we need to rediscover to put our country back on the right track.

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