Financial Bucket Analyzer

We will perform and in depth income and cash flow analysis where we analyze your spending bucket, your savings bucket, and your investing bucket. Any opportunities that can be improved upon are analyzed and strategies are created – with the goal being to move that money towards savings and investing buckets to ultimately create long term security faster than your current plan allows for, without taking unnecessary risks.

My Life Pyramid

Next, we do a full analysis of your financial pyramid. This pyramid analysis will show you how stable your financial battleship really is. If it is currently set up where one gust of wind can literally blow your ship off course, we want to fix that now! In addition, we take a look at the financial products you own and put it through a comparison analyzer to determine how efficient it really is and if it can be improved on.

Financial Dreams Analysis

Afterwards, we map out your dreams and the best path to take to ‘realistically’ achieve those dreams. Our mission is to accomplish those dreams without assuming having to earn ridiculous rates of return or take unnecessary risks.

My Back Up Plan

Then, we analyze your overall situation to see what your “Plan B” looks like in the case that something happens to you, your job, your business, or your investments. We understand that most people want to protect themselves, their families, and their businesses – but it’s difficult to pay for it all – and we do everything we can to ensure that you have the potential for maximum risk management protection at the minimum cost.

SET for Life Plan

Finally, we architect your entire financial life down on a simple one-page plan that maps out the rest of your life and how you will achieve your long-term goals. This plan is based on delivering you with complete confidence and certainty that you will achieve your major financial dreams without having to take unnecessary risks.

Larry Smith and Bank on Yourself

Living Wealthy Financial Group client, Larry Smith, shares his experience working with Bank on Yourself Authorized Advisor, Teresa Kuhn.