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March 20 Show: Economic Forecaster, Chris Martenson

Chris Martenson, coming collapse, economic forecastThe times, they are a changing, right? Do you ever wonder where we will be in 15 or 20 years? Things are still tight in this country, but many believe we’re headed for better days. The stock market is high and the dollar is strong. But when will the next downturn occur? Can we learn from the past and take steps to prevent the next collapse?

March 13 Show: Wealth Protection Expert, Mark Nestmann

mark nestmann, wealth protection, market correctionAre you feeling a bit better about the economy than you have in recent years? Or are you concerned that we are still following many of the same policies and generally heading in the wrong direction? Is a market correction looming in the near future? What can we do to protect our assets and stand up for our rights?

March 6 Show: Larunce Pipkin, Author & Success Coach

Larunce Pipkin, mastery, life coach PipkinAre you tired of never getting ahead or not being able to achieve your goals? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t have much control over the direction of your life? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do whatever you could dream up? What does it take to regain control of your destiny and soar? Perhaps the answer to these questions is simple – but just out of our reach.

Feb 27 Show: Tony Lillios, Living the Entrepreneurial Dream

Tony Lillios, Living Wealthy RadioDo you find yourself wondering what your next big idea should be or how you can take your business to the next level? Maybe you sometimes wonder about how you should prioritize your life and what goals you should set for your career. Are you missing something?

Feb 20 Show: Humanitarian & Project Linus Founder, Karen Rinedollar

Karen Rinedollar, Karen Loucks, Project LinusDo you long for more fulfillment and meaningful relationships in life? How do you prioritize and focus more on the truly rewarding aspects of living without getting bogged down by the daily grind?

Feb 13 Show: Health & Performance Expert, Dr. Matthew Accurso

dr. matthew accurso, health tips, productivity hacksDo you have plenty of energy to get through your day and accomplish your goals every week? Do you look and feel as vibrant and healthy as you did ten years ago? Most people would probably say no. Productivity, energy levels, and vibrancy seem to decline the older we get – but does it have to be that way? Can we look and feel energized and vibrant throughout our lifespans?

Feb 6 Show: Reagan Official & Liberty Advocate, Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig RobertsDo you believe the United States is still the freest country in the world? In spite of our problems, is this nation still on the right track overall? Or are you concerned by the erosion of civil liberties in recent years? Is this something we can correct by voting better, or could the situation be far more serious?
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Teresa Kuhn has a “12-Minute Convo With Engel Jones!”

12-minute convo with engel jones, Engel Jones, Teresa KuhnOur host, Teresa Kuhn, recently had the opportunity to appear on the popular podcast, "12-Minute Convo With Engel Jones," to discuss intuition, the power of conversations, how to find inspiration in everything, and a behind-the-scenes peek into who Teresa is.

Jan 30 Show: Career & Hiring Trends Expert, Dr. Tracey Wilen

Dr. Tracey Wilen, career selfie, Living Wealthy RadioDeveloping technologies and shifting demographic trends are shaking things up. Which occupations will be in the most demand this year and next? Which skills are most important to succeed in the future? What will the job market look like in the next few years?

Jan 23 Show: College Planning Expert, Jon Dault

Jon DaultLife is all about seasons. Perhaps your current season of life is being a parent with children – and wondering how you will be able to send them to college. When the time arrives, what will you do?

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