Financial Strategies

Including Bank on Yourself, Annuities, 401(k)/IRA rollovers- many advisors will feed their clients the same conventional wisdom over and over, but is it really working? Of course not. Now, more than ever, baby boomers are worried that they are going to outlive their retirement savings. The team at Living Wealthy Financial Group is committed to educating their clients about time-tested, proven strategies to build wealth, save for college, plan for retirement, and remove banks and finance companies from your life forever. Instead of placing our clients into one-size-fits-all plans and accounts, we take each client’s unique financial situation into mind and create a personalized solution to last you throughout your entire life. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly how much you will have available to you each and every year when you retire, and feel secure knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of when you pass?


My experience with Teresa Kuhn of Safe Harbor has been very positive. Teresa has shown both my husband and I a new way to look at our finances and prepare for our future. We feel that Bank On Yourself is the best way to save for our daughter’s college and our retirement but also fund projects like renovating our garage – all without going through a financial institution but by borrowing from our Bank On Yourself account. I have told many friends about this amazing way to finance and I wish I could get them excited too! Teresa has always been available to us to explain aspects of the Bank On Yourself account and also is a great sounding board for some of my husband’s ideas. I would recommend Teresa highly to anyone who is interested.
Mary Alice Appleman