“A penny saved is a penny earned.” You might recognize that phrase from Inventor, Statesman, and Serial Entrepreneur Benjamin Franklin, and it was recently quoted in a blog on a top website post by one of the most respected financial experts in the world, Pamela Yellen.

I had the pleasure of developing a relationship with Pamela, and I can see why she is not only amazingly successful but has also helped so many reach financial freedom and security. The key is this: Pamela knows that sound financial advice stands the test of time. Ben Franklin knew it, and she knows it - and it is on that foundation that Pamela built and pioneered the “Bank On Yourself” movement.

Economies rise and fall, banks go under, stock markets fluctuate...but the strategies that Pamela has built her company on give control back to individuals as it takes control away from institutions. I was so fascinated by the principles that Pamela taught that I just knew I had to say yes to co-authoring a book with her, so that people could take back control of their financial security. I was so honored when she actually asked me!

She did, however, give me one stipulation. She wanted to include the knowledge from other Bank On Yourself advisors she worked with. She said their unique perspective from working with everyday individuals would be a huge asset to this book. Once again, Pamela was right! The question was...would those advisors be willing?

So, I spent the past six months working with the top Bank On Yourself financial advisors to see if they were willing to share their SECRETS TO LIFETIME FINANCIAL SECURITY! I didn’t know what to expect. Would they be willing to write those secrets in a book when they are supposed to be reserved for clients? I was shocked at the response!

What I learned was that these advisors genuinely care more about changing the world’s traditional views on finances than about giving away secrets! They felt that if they could help as many people as possible control their financial destiny, our future would not only be bright, it would stay bright. That is why I’m so proud to present this new book to you. Our book The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security just launched, and has already hit SEVEN Best-Sellers lists in the following rankings and categories!

  • #1 Budget and Money Management
  • #3 Introduction to Investing
  • #4 Investing
  • #5 Personal Finance
  • #6 Entrepreneurship
  • #6 Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  • #46 Business & Investing